My Mysterious Cousin

Hi There! Its been a looooooooong time since my last post
today and again in the middle of my vacation, I have something to write and to tell you because I can't say it to this person.
This person is actually my cousin, female cousin. She lives at the same roof with me. I sleep in the first floor and she is in the second floor.
Actually, before I found something mysterious about her, we are in the close relationship between cousin of the same grandparents.
What so mysterious about her?
It's about her stories, her words, her manners, her behavior, etc. All about her and her lives is a LIE
She's a widow, she just had been married for one year and has one daughter before she decided to divorced to her first husband. 
Why I  can say first? because lately, she tells everybody in the social network (facebook, twitter, her blog, etc) that she has been married again with someone who she says to my mom that this man is her boyfriend, "just boyfriend". Until now, she still lives in my home. She works at one of production house in my country as part of creative team (I still doubt that she really work there or not), but despite of that, she really has a talent to be a writer. She said that she is a scriptwriter there.
The part I hate the most about her is she always make more problem to my mom. I love my mom so much and I hate every person who makes my mother get more headache (beside her own children).
The story about her marriage with her boyfriend just one of the "big lie" story that she tells. There are many more. I will tell you some story about her later, not now. The other story is about money and her novel.
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To Be Busier then Before

 Now, I am in my 5th term.... Getting older and older, didn't I? hahahaha (It's okay as long as I still have my youthful spirit hahahaha)
First day in my 5th term, I have to attending some meeting with my friend and each for different event

Now, I have 5 event and project that I must to do :
1. Biogas project as member of research division 
2. Dancepad (Pump Project) as member of research division
3. Promotor of one of Leader to be at Genshiken
5. PKM

ooooh I almost don't have any break time for myself....
But, That's live... without those things, I am surely have a boring life
 that's all :)
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In the Middle of Vacation

 Okay, here I am again, writing a journal just for having fun.

I am in the middle of my just one week vacation in Jakarta, my home sweet home. After all the hectic things I have gone through on this term, finally I can go home silently.  

I want to write my story about Me and Line Follower Robot. Why must Line Follower? because there are so much memorable things when I and My team made this thing.

First, I want to tell you about what line follower is. Line follower is one kind of robot that controlled by a microprocessor and can moving by following the black line as the track.

My team made tis things just in one week. my team have 6 member including me. my team doesn't have a programmer or mechanist, so it made the process to build that robot more difficult. 

The climax is on the day before the match... okay my lecturer and organization held a match just to took a score for our LFR. 
D-1, we have to worked so hard in campus so that the robot could be finished in time. To finished that, we have to stay a night in lab. Many things happened that day.

 1. My friend, a girl called "F" got angry because another boy member in my team called "I" could not come although we really need his help because he already made an appointment with his friend.

2. Our sensor didn't work and I got more panic, but thanks to my friend from other team called "R" who give us his sensor that he didn't use anymore. Although there is one sensor that not worked, the robot still could go as it function.

3. Our robot still not finished and that already in the morning of next day (the match day).

4. We just gave the microprocessor (arduino) a program in 2 hours before the match and the program perfectly not perfect.

5.Our robot could not make it to check point one (so sad T_T)

So, that's my story about me and line follower robot.

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Five Reasons Why I Need a Boy Like Kazehaya (Kimi ni Todoke)

Kazehaya Shouta is one of main character from japan animation titled "Kimi ni Todoke" or in english means "Reaching You"

Honestly, Kazehaya is my ideal type of boy-friend (just friend, ugh okay, close friend, ugh honestly best friend, but its not too bad if my future boy friend has similar personality like him, hehehehhee :)) )

the reasons are :
1. He is a cheerfull type who can make good atmosphere for his environment.
2. He treats everybody same, except to Kuronuma Sawako.
3. He can frankly says if that thing is "bad" or that thing is "good" 
4. He can says his opinion bravely, except about his true feeling to Sawako (and make him more attractive and cute)
5. He knows how to comfort someone and make someone laugh and also really good at supporting his friends.

Hang out with somebody like him is really fun.
Hang out with somebody like him can make me and my life more colorful.
Hang out with somebody like him can give me wonderful memories.

but all that things just make me realize he doesn't exist in real world.
he is too perfect, to find somebody like him is really difficult

I never think to find a "kazehaya" boy for my life. But I hope somebody like "almost Kazehaya" will appear someday in my life

good night :)
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My Life Getting More Interesting

 Okay. its been long time since my last post about one year ago.

I feel my current life is more interesting and difficult for the same time. 
now I'm in my fourth term in my college. The Subjects are more complicated than subjects in the first year.
In my college, a sophomore is like a first year. the difference is in second year, the subjects are more specific.
But  to be honest, I really enjoy my second year although its more difficult than the first year.
my friends, my Lecturers, and my seniors makes my life more comfort than in the first year.
Many things happened in my third term.
First, I began to know about electronics and circuit things those what I didn't like when I was a high school student.
Second, I began to fall in love to my opposite sex (obvious :) ). He is a boy from my class hahahaha.
Third, I had a special relationship with my best friend (now my ex-boyfriend because it's only 1 month happened)
he isn't the same boy at the point number two. We broke up because of some reason that I can't tell you.
Fourth, I have my new close friend whom I can depend on and give positive and benefit things to me and my life.
the boy at point two is one of them. (It's Complicated relationship between me and him).

Now I have my third term vacation.
I spend my vacation just my playing game at home or sometimes go shopping with my beloved mom.

The happiest thing in this month happened today.
my brother back home from work with a new laptop (actually a second hand laptop) for me.
I dont remember ask them to bought me a laptop, but I do complain about my useless old laptop that is not compatible for me again.
here I am, writing a journal with my new laptop hahahaha. Love it so much :)

I already late, I'm so sleepy now.
Good Night


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Angklung is fun!

Back to college = Back to busy (Hate it!!!)

This term, I almost go to college every day from morning until... I feel tired :). I am too lazy to go home early. Usually, I arrive at my room at 8 pm or 9 pm, but for this week, almost everyday I come back at... 10 pm. I join two club in my university. The first is KPA (Keluarga Paduan Angklung) or Angklung family (honestly, I don't know how to say it in english ><)  and the second is Genshiken or Visual Modern Culture Club (I have the same comment with the first :) ). Angklung is one of traditional instrument in my country, Indonesia. This instrument comes from West Java Province. My University also placed in West Java. This instrument made from bamboo. It is easy to play. You just need to vibrate it. this instrument have many size, from big to small. Different size of angklung will make different melody. We write the different number for each angklung, The Big sizes angklung get small numbers and the smalls get high numbers. The low numbers make low pitch and the high numbers make high pitch. You must play this instrument together because if we want to play a song with this instrument, you need many angklung with different size to make a beautiful harmony of melody. You can use this instrument  for every kind of music. You can also join this instrument with other instrument that usually used in a n orchestra like violin, cello, contra bass, and many more.  It is really fun!!!!

Yesterday at January 28th 2010, My KPA's friends and me held a mini concert. Our theme for the concert is Fantasy. We played some of Disney's song like Beauty and The Beast, Someday, Go The Distance, and Arabian Night. We also played a West Java's song titled Pileuleuyan as the last song at the concert. The concert was amazing! many audience appraise us! We are so happy! that was a great success!
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I Think Doing Yoga is Not Bad nee...

Today,  I cancel my plan to hang out with my high school's friends. My friends ask me to join them to have a BBQ party in one of my friends house. Honestly, I have not do that kind of thing before. My mom and my dad not allow me to hang out at the night although that is a normal thing to do for people around my age. That BBQ party usually held at night but today is different, the BBQ party will be held at noon. So, I accept my friend's offering and decide to go to my friend's house. When I woke up this morning, I can see that the weather is cloudy. Perhaps it will rain. So that, I cancel my plan to go to the BBQ party and... just stay at home... again... with my mom.

I just watching again Ninomiya Kazunari's drama, Yamada Tarou Monogatari. This drama is really good. Funny, Dramatic, and Touching at the same time. I agree that Nino is an incredible actor. He can act his character on that drama naturally. He act with his bandmate, Sakurai Sho, as his co-star. They become an execellent student with a charismatic face. Everybody in their school admire them and call them as prince. Character that Nino plays is a poor student with six brothers and sisters and a seldom come back home father, and stupid useless but pretty mother. I can give this drama 4 star. If you have not ever watch this drama, I recommend you to watch it!

Then I also download AnS 100110 which have been subbed but I have not watched that yet. So, I watch another arashi's variety while waiting the downloading video. It's about yoga. I can hold my self to laugh out loud. this video is so funny.

The member of arashi's expression are really funny. I just can say that! This video make me want to try Yoga. I think Yoga its not bad nee!!
Have Fun!
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Headache After Lunch

Okay, because there are too much free time, I do my second post for today...

I went to bank few hours ago with my lovely mom. I just wanna check my second term fee is already paid or no. My mom told me that she wanted to go with me for the same reason with my first post in my LJ, BORED. Like Mother like Daughter I think. So we went together to the bank. Not take a long time in bank for my transaction, I started to feel that my stomach wanted to be filled a.k.a I was hungry!! So I told my mother that I am hungry and then she offered me to go to eat Bakso (Meat Ball) which the place is near from the bank. I agree with her, so we walked together and eat that SUPER BAKSO, I call that because the Bakso (Meat Ball) size as big as tennis ball. After finished eating my lunch, I felt super full in my stomach, my mom asked me to accompany her to the market. Because I am a good child, I said yes to accompany her.

OMG! I took wrong decision. The market is too crowded for me. Before I continue my story, I want to tell you all that I hate crowded place. The place like that just make feel bad a.k.a headache and market in my country is too uncomfortable because of the dirty in all place in every side and the noise that come from the trader. Okay back to my story, In the market, I just followed my mother who was seeking for a coffee brown head cover all the time. As a result, my headache was getting worse. So, I told my mom that I will waited in Dunkin Donuts while my mother was seeking for the coffee brown head cover. After I said that to my mother, she made a decision "Okay we are going to go home, I am getting tired and it's too hard to find the head cover". hoho of course I smiled to her because we will leaved the uncomfortable place. I am really tired but it is fun to hang out with my mother after I don't do that for a long time because I am too busy with the college thing!

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Lately, My life is Getting Bored

I begin to understand that I need more and more things to do. I can say that because I found my self is too easy to getting bored. Especially, when I get my term's holiday. Almost everyday I just spend my time to on-line, or gaming in my home. On my first day, I found that doing all this thing is really fun, because those two are my hobby that I can't do freely in my usual days. I must to go to college, doing my exercise, and study harder and harder to get a better score in my exam. Furthermore, I almost have at least one exam per week. So, if I have free time, I will use it to laze around in my bedroom, take a nap, or sometimes I use the time to go to my friend's home and Mall. If my Angel's mood come, I will use the free time to tidy my room, but honestly that mood rarely come (I am a lazy person, couch potato type ^^). 

Now, I get my holiday (oh honestly, it almost end). Like I said before, I use my time to on-line, browsing about Arashi and Hey! Say! JUMP, or sometimes I download some Japan Drama. In my country, every university has a different holiday time, so that I can't spend my time to hang out with my high school's or college's friends (my university is in different city to my home but still in the same country) . I just have a chat with them via facebook or yahoo messenger. This bored feeling always come when I just stay with my mom in my home. The silent atmosphere makes me feel bored. I try to find something new to do but I found nothing. Gaming alone is really not fun. I also don't have a homework to do. Until now, I haven't found a solution to solve this "always some problem since I was a high school student" problem.

Although it always happen almost everyday during my holiday, this feeling will disappear when the night come. At night, my brothers come home from their works (I have two really kind brother). My eldest brother is a gamers. Collecting board game is his new hobby. Sometimes he come back from works with a new board game, then he will ask me to play with him. Playing board game with him is really fun. My second brother is lovely (laugh ^^). I can say that because I get many present from him (and his girl friend ^^). There are times when I woke up at the morning, I found a present in my desk and that is from him (isn't that too sweet? XD ). I am really happy to have them as my brother!

Wow! this my first too long post that I write in my LJ because I have too much free time (lol!)

I understand if nobody wants to read this post (because I am too lazy to read this too!) ^^