Sabtu Bersama Bapak

I went to cinema on monday, this week (july 11th) with my sister in law. We decided to watch an Indonesian Movie titled "Sabtu Bersama Bapak" (Saturday with my Father). The cinemas that time was full of people (some of employees still have some holidays like me and students also still in their holiday until the end of this week). Here, I want to write a review about Sabtu Bersama Bapak.

After I watched this movie, I can describe this movie in one word 'Complete'. Why do I say that? Because this is really is a movie with complete content. Drama, Romance, Comedy, Slice of Life, Tragedy, Family, all those genre can be found in that movie. You have to prepare some tissues before you decided to watched that, but after shed some tears in a scene, suddenly you will laugh out loud for the next scene. You can learn and get some value of life in this movie. You can find you, maybe in that movie.

Sabtu Bersama Bapak is a story about two brothers who lose a father figure because their father passed away. Some time before the father (Mr. Gunawan) passed away, he already knew that he got cancer. So, he prepared everything for his family and all of his thought and philosophy for his wife and his sons in a video that he gave to his wife (Mrs Itje) and told his wife "give this video to our sons (Saka and Satya) on saturday because monday to friday they have to study well. I left everything I know and everything that I want to say to you all in this video, so that our sons will not lose their father figure and you don't have to raise them alone. Believe me, I don't want to dissapeared and I won't have to, and I also don't give the death chance to do that to me". Not long after he finished the recording, he passed away.

Story continue and the two brothers life are the main focus in the story. Satya, the older brother grow almost in perfectly way, handsome, clever, and have a good job in oil company. All women can fall for him at the first sight. He met a woman named Rissa and fell in love with her, not long after they are in a relationship, Satya proposed to her and they moved to Paris because Satya have to worked there. Now, Satya and Rissa have two sons and they still live in Paris.

On the other way, the younger brother, Cakra or Saka whom he always be called, grow well enough, but less perfect than his brother. He is not that handsome but not also ugly. He is clever enough but not that brilliant like his brother. He also has a good career but not that rich like his brother. He is now, a thirty year old man who already has everything, career, house, and car, just one he doesn't has a partner. He never be in relationship before and he is not that populer for woman and also always nervous in front of woman.

They grow up well as a men because of their great mother (who now running a catering and a restaurant with the money she got from her deceased husband who have prepared everthing) and the knowledge that they got from their father every saturday. They really admire their father until now. Their father's message on the video give a huge impact for their life and ideology, especially for Satya who really idolize his Perfect Father.

But because of that, Satya grow up to be such a perfectionist and ambisious man who plan almost every aspect in his life and he has to reach all of them on time. Who will know, because that character of him, he brings some of serious problem in his family life.

Cakra grow up to be more flexible than his brother. He also has target and plan but not that stirct with that plan. But because of that, his mom (Mrs Itje) get worry because until now he still doesn't has girlfrind and she fright that she will not accomplish her promise to her deceased father to accompany their sons when they are married, because one day, she also got notice from hospital that told her there is tumour in her breast.

And then the conflict begin....

I really recommend this movie for you! 4,5/5 stars!

Middle Twenties

Hi There!

Now, I'm in the middle of twenties. There are many people who begin to ask me when I will get married?
Oh come on~ Not everybody want to be married at the young age!
Put the blame on Kartini! she was our Hero for woman emancipation in my country.
She made women realized that education for woman was also important and made we realized that we women are not that weak!
I can do my job as good as men do. I can adapt well too.

There are some reasons that make me still single. first, I am a Moeslem woman that not believe in relationship between man and woman beside families and marriage couple. Second, to be honest, I have in a relationship state with a man (my friend) but that not went well. We blame each other for our unmatched personality. He said I was too serious and didn't have time for caring him. OMG who is he? my father? my brother? we didn't even married yet. I also blame him for his careless personality, his unseriousness that made me in the state of uncertainty. I am not that old, but I am also not a teeenager anymore who cares about having a boyfriend. If he serious enough with me, than propose me! Most men afraid of commitment and I am aware of that.. They will make excuses that they are not steady enough to take another person in their life. Do they know that todays women are not that weak to make a living for themself, don't they? Don't they think that they only have to work for their families, but women have to do all the job at home, get pregnant, and do a labor, and also have to be troubled raising the children? Sometime women also have to work to help the husbands! OMG todays men are so weak! Third, I enjoy my work now, you can call me workaholic, but In my mind, I still put my family at my most priorty.

Oh come on~ we have our own life right? So just do what we have to do, don't meddle in other people life, because those are not your business. Even my mother don't do that to me. I believe every person have their fate partner. Humans just need to do the best for their life, always pray to God, and when the right time comes, we will meet our fate partner who will be in our life for our lifetime.

That's enough for now, Bye!
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Hi There!
Now, I want to talking (actually writing) about Buildings. Well, I am now an engineer who work for Building Consultant Company. Every aspect about building are so interesting for me. Starting from low rise building (one or two storey), this kind of building usually use for residential building. Well, Architects now are so creative. If you browse about house, home, mansion, condo, or apartment, you will find so many kind of residential design concept that make you think " Ah I want to own this kind of house in the future" or "Wow, this is a good idea to renovate my house". Because of that, Interior Designers also do not want to lose. They keep creating new futuristic and wonderful furnitures that can make your home prettier, cozy, and the most important thing, HOMEY.

Then, medium rise building (up to ten storey), This kind of building usually used for residential ( Condominium or apartment), boutique office, Mall, etc. In my country, this kind of building can be seen every where. The design also vary. But, you can notice one thing, this kind of building use so many glass as it's window and there is few natural ventilation. They exchange natural ventilation to mechanic ventilation one like Air conditioner (AC) or exhaust fan (My job is designing a building that uses or needs mechanic ventilation). There are many kind of Air condtioner nowdays such as AC Split System, Multisplit System, VRF System, and Central System (Chiller system mostly). The system consist of Indoor Unit and Outdoor unit. Indoor unit now is part of interior design in a building, so, there are so many design of this, like wall mounted, ceiling cassete, or ceiling conceiled. All of this can make the interior of the building cool and cooler at the same time. So interesting, isn't it?

Last, High rise building (up to skyscraper). There still few of this kind of building in my country. Only in big city you can find this kind of building like Jakarta, Medan, or Surabaya (Mostly Jakarta). This kind of buiding usually used for office or apartment. These kind of building are challanging for Civil Engineer to create a Structure that strong, but easy to be build. All of this building use mechanic ventilation and air conditioning system. Almost all of them really depend on Glass as the main design for outer look. This kind of building also create polutant emission that cause green house effect the most. So that, These kind of building usually need to fulfill green building criteria.

that's enough for now!

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Year End equal to Sale Every Where

Hi There!

I don't know if this phenomenon happen in your country, but it really happen in mine. Every store, bistro, cafe, restaurant, on line and offline, all of them put a reasonable discount to their product! That's make me want to go shopping right now or maybe just click buy button on online shop.   Ok what I want to say is our people are really consumtive people is a truth fact. We like to spend our hardachieve money. Men and woman, young and old people, rich or poor, everybody love shopping. So, my resolution for 2016 to upgrademy ability to hold on myself.

Characters in My Story (Based on Chapter 1)

Hi! I have some free time today, so I want to write list of characters who appear in the first chapter. I am going to write it in Bahasa Indonesia. I will translate it to english later ^^v.

Main Characters :
1. Orion Rachmadewanto
Pria di usia 25 ini ada karakter utama dari cerita saya. Pada chapter 1 ini dia diceritakan mengalami suatu kecelakaan yang menyebabkan     dia amnesia. Perawakan secara fisik (tidak diceritakan di chapter 1) dia tinggi sekitar 180 cm, berbadan proporsional, berkulit putih asia tenggara. Orion memang berkarakter sangat sopan dan mudah canggung terhadap orang yang dikenalnya. Dia memiliki seorang istri yaitu Alya Deneb. Berdasarkan cerita dari chapter 1, mereka baru menikah sekitar 1 tahun. Orion masih menyimpan banyak misteri yang bahkan dia sendiri tidak ingat karena amnesia. Namun ternyata walaupun amnesia, dia masih menyimpan kecerdasannya yang luar biasa.

2. Alya Deneb
Istri Orion. Baru menikah satu tahun (berdasarkan chapter 1). Dia wanita yang berdasarkan deskripsi Orion sangat cantik, manis, putih semampai, dan senyumannya sangat indah. Alya bahkan membuat orion terpana dan malu-malu dipertemuan pertama mereka (setelah Orion amnesia). Dia wanita yang ekspresif dan ceria namun juga tetap meiliki sisi kelembutan seorang wanita. Masih belum diketahui apakah dia tahu peristiwa dibalik kecelakaan yang dialami Orion dan misteri-misteri dibalik itu semua.

Supporting Characters
1. Dokter Bara
Dokter yang bertanggung jawab atas kesehatan Orion. Pria paruh baya yang gemuk dan pandai berkelakar. Pria ini sangat ramah dan mudah diajak komunikasi. Masih belum jelas apakah dia tahu apa yang sebenarnya terjadi pada Orion.

2. Dokter Wanita Cantik
Orang yang pertama kali dilihat Orion ketika membuka matanya. Wanita misterius ini nampaknya mengenal dekat Orion dari cara bicaranya. Masih belum diketahui apakah dia ada hubungannya dengan kecelakaan yang di alami Orion.

That's all for now, There ara some characters that I am going to add in the next chapter. Some of them also the main characters. I will make thei description after I upload the next chapter.

See You :)
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Have been trying to write a story

Okay, actually I have been writing a story, fiction story with my language. I think I want to try to posting it here, now. So, here the first chapter.
I still don't get the right title for this story. So for now, I will call it "untitled story".

Chapter 1

Suatu pagi aku terbangun, aku perhatikan sekelilingku, semuanya serba putih. "Tempat apa ini?" tanyaku dalam benakku. Tidak ada siapapun di ruangan ini selain aku. Aku perhatikan kembali sekelilingku dan kutemukan berbagai macam alat terpasang di sekitarku. Aku tarik napas dalam-dalam, lalu kuhirup udara sekitarku. "Aroma ini tak asing untukku, apakah ini obat?" tanyaku kembali dalam hati. Kuhirup kembali ruangan di sekelilingku untuk meyakinkan pemikiranku. "Ah iya benar ini aroma obat, sepertinya aku sedang di rumah sakit," kataku dengan yakin kepada diriku sendiri. Aku tidak tahu apa yang terjadi pada diriku, namun setidaknya aku menjadi lebih tenang setelah memastikan sendiri dimana aku berada. "Ah, lemas sekali rasanya tubuh ini," kataku sambil tetap berbaring.

"Klik!" terdengar suara pintu terbuka. Aku menegok ke arah pintu putih di sebelah kiriku. Ada sesosok wanita berpakaian rapi dan mengenakan jas putih, masuk ke ruangan ini. Aku berusaha memerhatikan sosok itu dengan seksama. Terlihat olehku sosok wanita tersebut cantik, kulitnya putih, dan tinggi. Wanita tersebut berjalan menghampiriku. Dia berdiri di samping ranjang tempatku berbaring sambil memerhatikanku dengan lembut. "Kamu tersadar akhirnya, penantian yang cukup panjang untuk dapat melihatmu kembali, tentu saja terutama bagi wanita itu," katanya sambil tersenyum. "Bagaimana rasanya mengalami tidur yang cukup panjang? Nyenyak?" tanyanya padaku dengan ramah. Aku mengangguk dengan lemas saat menjawab pertanyaan wanita itu. "Nampaknya masih sulit bagimu untuk menggerakan tubuhmu itu. Ah itu hal yang wajar karena kamu terlalu lama berbaring di ranjang. Sepertinya tubuhmu sedikit lupa caranya untuk bergerak. Tak perlu khawatir, kamu cukup membiasakan diri bergerak dalam beberapa hari, maka kamu akan mendapatkan kembali seluruh kemampuanmu itu," Jelasnya dengan panjang lebar. Aku terlalu lemas untuk memberikan respon kepadanya. Kemudian wanita itu mengangkat suatu papan yang sudah terdapat kertas di atasnya dan mulai menulis sesuatu. Aku perhatikan dia mencatat cukup banyak hal yang ditunjukkan oleh berbagai alat di sekelilingku. "Ok, aku sudah mengambil semua datanya. Aku pergi dulu ya kawan. Selamat beristirahat kembali," katanya sambil tersenyum. Lalu wanita itu pergi keluar ruangan ini. "Kawan? ah... mungkin hanya dokter yang ramah," pikirku. Badanku masih terasa sangat lemah dan aku mulai kembali mengantuk. Tidak membutuhkan waktu yang lama untuk tertidur kembali.

"Rion... Orion...," Samar-samar terdengar suara di telingaku. "Orion!" suara itu semakin terdengar jelas. Perlahan-lahan kucoba untuk membuka mata. Terlihat bayang-bayang seseorang yang berbicara padaku. Perlu beberapa waktu untuk benar-benar dapat melihat dengan jelas. "Orion, kamu sadar? Kamu sudah sadar!" Kali ini suara itu sudah terdengar sangat jelas. Suara itu berasal dari seorang wanita yang kini tengah duduk di samping ranjangku. Kini aku sudah dapat melihat dengan jelas. Seorang wanita berambut lurus dan panjang, serta berkulit putih tengah duduk di samping ranjangku. "Rion, oh Rioon akhirnya kamu tersadar, aku sudah lama sekali menunggumu agar bisa sadar seperti ini. Menyebalkan, kau tega sekali koma begitu lama dan meninggalkan aku sendirian seperti ini," Kata wanita itu setengah marah, setengah tersedu sambil memukul-mukul lengan kiriku. Aku menatapnya dengan heran. Aku tidak mengenalinya. "Siapa wanita ini?" pikirku dalam hati. "Hmm... Apakah namaku orion?" Aku membuka mulutku dan bertanya padanya dengan suara yang lirih. Wanita itu terlihat bingung. Wajahnya menampakkan ketidakpercayaan, seakan-akan aku ini sedang bercanda. Aku membalas tatapannya dengan wajah serius. "Eh? kamu sungguh ngga tahu bahwa namamu Orion?" Tanyanya untuk memastikan bahwa aku tidak sedang bercanda. Aku membalasnya dengan mengangguk. "Oh tidak mungkin! Masa kamu kena amnesia?" Katanya kaget. Aku tidak mengerti apa yang dia bicarakan. "Sebentar, biar kupanggilkan dokter," katanya padaku sambil terburu-buru keluar ruangan untuk memanggil dokter. Aku masih dalam kondisi berbaring. Rasanya, badan ini sudah tidak terlalu lemas. Kemudian, pintu kamar terbuka. Masuklah sesosok pria, tidak terlalu tua, namun kurang cocok untuk dikatakan muda. Dia berpakaian jas putih yang sama seperti Dokter wanita yang sebelumnya datang ke ruangan ini. Tubuhnya tidak terlalu tinggi dan cukup gemuk. Kemudian di belakangnya, masuk wanita yang tadi bicara padaku.

"Rupanya Anda sudah sadar Pak Orion," kata pria berpakaian putih itu. Aku menatapnya dengan wajah bertanya-tanya. "Oh ya sebelumnya, perkenalkan saya Bara, Dokter yang menangani Anda," kata pria itu, Dokter Bara. "Oh... halo Dok... ugh...," kataku berusaha bangkit untuk menyapa Dokter Bara, namun ternyata kepalaku masih terasa sangat sakit. "Anda berbaring saja, Pak," kata Dokter Bara sambil membantu membaringkan aku kembali. "Saya akan melakukan pemeriksaan terlebih dahulu. Setelah ini anda harus pergi ke ruang CT Scan untuk memeriksa seluruh bagian kepala Anda," jelas Dokter Bara. Kemudian dia mulai memeriksaku dan mengambil seluruh data yang ditampilkan oleh alat-alat yang ada di sekelilingku. "Beberapa waktu lalu, ada seorang Dokter wanita juga telah mengambil data seperti yang anda lakukan," kataku memberi tahu Dokter Bara tentang peristiwa yang kualami ketika sadar pertama kali. "Hmm... Dokter wanita? setahu saya di sini tidak ada Dokter ahli syaraf wanita. Ah mungkin itu halusinasi Anda," kata Dokter Bara dengan tenang. "Halusinasi? Rasanya tidak mungkin...," tanyaku dalam pikiranku. "Baik Pak Orion, saya sudah selesai mengambil data Anda di sini. Sekarang silahkan Anda pergi ke bagian CT Scan. Anda akan ditemani oleh suster," kata Dokter Bara. Kemudian Dokter Bara keluar sejenak untuk memanggil suster. Tidak lama kemudian seorang suster paruh baya datang dan menghampiriku bersama dengan Dokter Bara. "Silahkan Pak, mari saya antar," kata suster itu tersenyum ramah. "Apakah saya boleh ikut, Dok?" tanya wanita yang sejak tadi selalu menemaniku. "Tidak perlu, Bu. Pemeriksaan tidak akan berlangsung lama. Jadi, sebaiknya Ibu di sini saja sekalian saya ingin menceritakan kondisi Pak Orion saat ini," jelas Dokter Bara kepadanya. Kemudian wanita itu kembali duduk sambil memerhatikanku yang pergi dibawa oleh suster dengan menggunakan kursi roda.

Ruang pemeriksaan CT Scan terletak agak jauh dari ruangan tempatku dirawat tadi. Kami harus melewati lorong yang cukup panjang dan turun satu lantai untuk mencapai tempat tersebut. Tempatnya agak gelap dan tertutup, mungkin karena takut terkena radiasi atau semacamnya. "Saya akan tunggu di luar. Di dalam sudah ada petugas dan operator yang akan melayani Anda," kata sang suster. Lalu, suster tersebut menekan bel yang terpasang di sebelah kanan atas pintu ruangan tersebut. Tak lama kemudian, ada seorang pria membukakan pintu. "Ya, ada perlu apa?" tanya pria tersebut. "Begini, ini Pak Orion, pasien Dokter Bara. Dokter Bara memerintahkan saya agar membawa Pak Orion untuk melakukan pemeriksaan di bagian kepalanya," Jelas suster tersebut. "Baiklah, silahkan masuk, Pak," kata si petugas pria.

Aku masuk ke ruangan tersebut. Semua serba terjaga dan rapi. Petugas pria tersebut memberikanku satu stel pakaian serba putih dan menyuruhku mengganti pakaianku. Aku turuti dan kulakukan permintaan petugas tersebut. Setelah berganti pakaian, aku masuk kebagian yang lebih dalam dari ruangan ini. Ada sebuah alat besar berwarna putih terletak tepat di bagian tengah ruangan. Mereka mengatakan alat itu adalah CT scan. Ada satu petugas di bagian dalam yang membantuku naik ke sesuatu yang mirip ranjang yang keluar dari CT scan, sedangkan petugas lainnya bersiap-siap di ruangan yang penuh dengan alat-alat dan komputer. Sehabis membantuku berbaring, petugas tersebut pergi dari ruangan, dan dimulailah pemeriksaanku.

Pemeriksaanku tidak berlangsung terlalu lama. Setelah selesai, aku langsung berganti pakaian dan diantar kembali ke ruangan tempat aku dirawat. Walau baru sekali melewati jalur ini, aku langsung hafal. Aku melalui beberapa suster, mantri dan Dokter di sepanjang perjalananku kembali ke ruang perawatan. Mereka tersenyum atau kadang mengangguk ketika bepapasan denganku. Aku menjawab dengan anggukan dan senyuman juga. "Sus, sepertinya mereka mengenalku? memangnya aku sering ke sini ya?" tanyaku pada suster. "Tentu saja, Pak. Anda sering kesini dan salah satu kepala tim penelitian di sini, yah... walaupun Anda bukan Dokter," kata si suster. Begitu rupanya, aku dan tempat ini ternyata memiliki cerita di dalamnya. Tak lama kemudian, aku sampai di ruang perawatan.

Aku masuk ke ruangan yang di dalamnya sudah terdapat wanita yang tadi selalu menemaniku, dan Dokter Bara. "Sudah selesai Pak Orion?" tanya Dokter Bara. Aku mengangguk. Suster mendorong kursi rodaku sampai ke hadapan Dokter Bara, tepat di sebelah si wanita cantik itu. "Saya tadi sudah menceritakan gambaran umum kondisi Anda kepada istri Anda," kata Dokter Bara sambil menujuk wanita yang duduk di sebelahku. "Istri? Begitu rupanya, jadi wanita cantik ini istriku," kataku dalam hati agak senang. "Tok... tok..," tiba-tiba terdengar suara pintu yang diketuk. "Masuk!" jawab Dokter Bara. Kemudian sesosok pria muncul. "Permisi Dok, saya ingin menyerahkan hasil CT Scan tadi," kata si petugas pria. "Oh ok, terima kasih," balas Dokter Bara. Dokter Bara mengambil amplop coklat berisiberisiberisiberisiberisiberisiberisi gambar hasil scan dan memajangnya di papan yang bercahaya. Terlihat di papan, gambar-gambar tengkorak kepalaku. "Dari gambar ini dapat dilihat bahwa tidak ada benturan yang berarti di kepala Anda. Hanya saja, jika kita lihat dengan seksama, ada bagian-bagian di dalam kepala Anda yang terlihat bermasalah, terutama cairan di bagian otak Anda. Saya curiga ini terjadi akibat pendarahan yang Anda alami ketika kecelekaan satu tahun yang lalu," kata Dokter Bara menjelaskan kepada kami.

Aku berusaha mencerna seluruh perkataannya secara perlahan, kenyataannya aku tidak mengalami kesulitan untuk memahaminya. "Seperti yang sudah saya duga, mungkin ini yang menyebabkan Anda mengalami Amnesia Retrogade, yaitu hilang ingatan untuk kejadian lampau, terutama sebelum Anda sadar," kata Dokter Bara kembali menjelaskan. "Ah begitu rupanya, aku ternyata terkena amnesia," kataku. "Apakah itu permanen Dok?" tanya wanita yang merupakan istriku itu. "Entahlah, saya belum dapat menyimpulkan, tapi kemungkinan besar ini hanya sementara," jawab Dokter Bara. "Selain ini, seluruh kondisi fisik anda sudah kembali membaik, Anda hanya butuh sedikit terapi dan istirahat di sini kira-kira seminggu lagi. Setelah itu, Anda boleh pulang," kata sang Dokter. " Boleh saya tes sedikit?" Tanya sang Dokter. "Silahkan Dok," jawabku. "Berapa satu ditambah satu?" tanya sang Dokter. "Dua, Dok," Jawabku. "Sembilan dikali delapan?" Tanyanya kembali. "Tujuh puluh dua," jawabku. "Siapa nama istri Anda?" Tanyanya kembali. "Hmm... saya tidak ingat ,Dok," jawabku. "Ok, baiklah. Kecerdasan Anda tidak terganggu, hanya saja ingatan Anda tentang orang dan peristiwa sepetinya hilang," kata sang Dokter. Aku menengok ke arah wanita yang katanya merupakan istriku lalu kembali menatap Dokter Bara dengan tatapan bingung.

Setelah penjalasan yang cukup banyak telah disampaikan oleh Dokter Bara, dia undur diri dan pamit kepada kami. Dokter Bara menyuruhku beristirahat. Kini yang tinggal di ruangan luas ini hanya aku dan... istriku. Aku jadi merasa agak canggung setelah tahu siapa wanita ini. Kami terdiam untuk beberapa saat sampai akhirnya wanita, istriku, memulai berbicara padaku. "Rion, gimana kondisimu sekarang?" tanyanya dengan wajah khawatir. "Merasa jauh lebih baik daripada saat pertama kali sadar," jawabku. "Syukurlah...," responnya. Lalu, kami terdiam kembali. Tiba-tiba aku teringat bahwa aku sama sekali tidak mengingat namanya. "Maaf sebelumnya, karena kondisiku sekarang, maka bolehkah aku bertanya siapa namamu?" tanyaku padanya. "Alya, Alya Deneb. Kamu biasa memanggilku Alya," Jawabnya. "Baiklah jadi namamu adalah Alya dan namaku adalah Orion," kataku memperjelas pernyataanku. "Lebih panjangnya Orion Rachmadewanto siapa tahu kamu ingin tahu," kata Alya. Orion Rachmadewanto, namaku terdengar bagus. "Lebih baik kamu beristirahat. Kata Dokter kamu boleh pulang minggu depan, Aku akan kembali lagi minggu depan untuk menjemputmu sekaligus membawa pakaian ganti. Kurasa aku tidak akan kesini setiap hari supaya kamu bisa fokus melakukan perawatan dan terapi," katanya. Aku mengangguk. Aku kembali berbaring di ranjang. Alya membantu menyelimutiku, kemudian dia pamit untuk pulang. Badanku terasa lelah dan aku mulai mengantuk kembali. Tidak lama setelah Alya pergi, aku pun tertidur, lelap.


This is the end of the first chapter. I will post the other chapter next time ^^

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My Current Situation in My New Office

Hi there! It's me again ^^

Recently, I have been busy doing my work. I have so many projects to do. Now, I am an engineer, true engineer (I think ^^). I really enjoying my current job. Calculating and Designing a HVAC System in a building, almost near my wish ( I wish I could be an Acoustic Engineer before). Well, I meet so many people with many kind of personality. In my division, I am the only female (actually, tehere are only 6 female in my office, and I am the only female engineer, the other are drafter and general affair officer). I sitting at the corner of the room. I request that, so that I can fully concentrate to do my job. In front of me, there is an Senior Designer, let's say Mr B, and on the right side, there is my senior (an engineer), call him Mr F. They are always talking about "M" thing because both of them already married. They are funny and easy going, but sometimes, they do something that I don't really like, something like badmouthing other people, especially Our Big Boss the Owner of my Comany (Let's call him Mr S) and people in other division.

On the other side, I choose to be a neutral person. I don't believe in their story easily, although some of their story is true. I don't know why, but sometimes I feel other people looks at me in different way. Sometimes, I feel like I am highly respected by them, even though they don't need to do that. I think that is because I am close to big boss and vice big boss. I feel like they treat me like I am their daughter. I very grateful of that. Thank to them, I feel a little bit saver working here, in a full of man office.

Yesterday, I got a new task. I have to accompany my big boss to meeting with project owner. On that event, I feel like I am treated by him like his daughter. He was doing all his job by himself, even the simplest thing.

That is a short story of my current life.
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New Job, New Life Begin, and Another Problem...

I already resigned from my late job. Why? Because I began to fear that the knowledges that I got from my college will fanished. That's why I began to search for new job some time around last May. Honestly, I really like teaching. That's my passion, or maybe my true passion? but, i just felt unmatched with my ex employer's visions and missions, especially their management. I did hope they would changed their manner to their employee, respect them and gave the reward on time to them. But, up until I leaved them, They didn't change at all. I feel really dissapointed to them.

In my last day, around the end of July, I had a conversation with the chief. We talked about my plan in the future, we thanked to each other for everything that we had been through in the company. We also talked about my fee for that month. We agreed that I would got my paid next month, but not full. So I leaved happily, said goodbye to my precious friends there, and deep inside my heart also felt sad because there were many memories and experiences that I got there.

In August, I started to work in my new company, a building consultant company as junior engineer. I like my new place almost about everything, except that place full of men who are smoking. I hate ciggarate so much. I started to love my new job and began to move on, until... my paid day from my ex company didn't come. Why??? Why are they do that to me? So I sent a protest email to my ex chief. He accepted wisely and gave a form that I had to filled. I sent him back the form, and positively thinking that my paid would come next moth. But, up until now, I didn't get my paid. I told about it to my mother and she said, "Go ask them! don't just stay still like that!" So I asked them again... I also asked the manager directly. The manager give her apologize to me. I also say thanks for his respond. Good respond came from them so I can managed my anger and felt more calm in mind. But, Bad respond come from my ex chief... the cause of this problem happened because he forgot to forward my email last month. I feel reaaaaaalllllyyyyy dissapointed. Instead of apoligize to, he say that I am the one who can be trusted because I resign before I year of my extended contract. That's so harsh, That word break my heart "Can be trusted" is the word that I hate so much. Because of that, I lose respect to him and that company....

That's my newest story.
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The Recent Color of My Life

Hi there!
Well, it's almost a year for me to work as a science teacher in a cram school. Being a teacher means that I have to teach every students in my class not only about science matter, but also about life. Sometimes they just come to me and tell me about their stories. Sometimes they told me about their school life, sometimes about their boyfriend, and sometimes about their personal life. But honestly, the most interesting story about them were the stories about their dreams. Some of them wanted to be a doctor (it's always be the most wanted future for almost all of my student (even students at my era), I think they always think that this job is the most prestigous one, most hard to achieve, and most moneymaking one), some of them wanted to be an actress, some of them wanted to be a bussinessman/woman, some of them wanted to be a lawyer, and many more. There isn't always a wonderful dream, some of them still don't know what they want to be in the future because all this time they always and only do whatever that their parents wants them to do.

I feel sorry for them. Until now I always think, "Why they fill their daily schedule with too many courses. Cram School, Music Course, Language Course, and many more. They should hanging out more with their friend, or at least playing as much as they want in their home," but, that's their lives. That's a trend these days. Their mother are career woman. They don't have much time to spend with their children, so that they fill their children schedule with courses or anything that they thinks that is positive activities for their children. That's make me think, "Aren't that only their excuses?"

That's why until now, I still love this job so much. Their stories made me thinks, made me becoming a more mature person, made me become wiser, and made me feel 100% that I don't want to be that kind of parents. I want to be a housewive and a dependable mother to my children. I promise that in the future I will put my family in the first priority (Second, if I count my religion). They make my life more colorful. I can be happy, serious, and get angry at the same time. I enjoyed chatting with them. I enjoyed teasing them about something that they don't know, and many more.

I thinks it's not only me who taught them something, they also taught me many things about this life that they didn't realized, not yet. That's why I love this job.

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I am Back to FANDOM World

Hi There! it is me... again :)
It's been a loooooooong time since my last post in this journal.
Here I am again want to share about a story of my life. There are many event and moment of my life that i've been through until now.
First, my cousin (she has appeared in my previous post) have gone and never come back again to my house (oh thanks god!). Second, I have graduated nicely! So, I am now a fresh graduate! Applause for me, please #clapclap :)). Third, My second brother finally married his 'not so long time' girlfriend! I am happy for them :). Fourth, I have been accepted as a teacher in one of cram school in my country. Teacher is my desire's occupation since I am in middle school. Although I graduated as an engineer, i don't want to work in a huge International Industrial Company because I am a woman, I don't like the idea of women work in a place that full of men and work like a men. Fifth, my niece can speak now! i love my niece so much, he is so adorable >.<. Last but not least, I am back to fandom material!

Somehow, I have long for my past hobby, fangirling. So recently, I started to search and browse about my Idols like, Arashi (especially Ninomiya-san), Lee Seung Gi-ssi, and Backstreet Boys (I was shocked that they are 'alive' again in a positive way of course).

Arashi has many projects that I have missed and many upcoming projects too. Recently, they released new single titled GUTS!. Ninomiya come back to J-Dorama and I am so excited to watch him in that drama as a teacher and a couch of newbie/weak baseball team from prestigious high school which aiming to Koshien (title : Yowakutemo Katemasu). MatsuJ and his new movie Hidamari no Kanojo which Ueno Juri-san co-starred with him (Honestly, their chemistry in that movie is good, but that's all, nothing special, but the plot of the story is great! worth watching!). Ohno-san and his new character as a newbie shinigami in Shinigami-kun. Aiba-san who I found not so long time ago in NHK World become a newscaster for culinary program. And Sho-san with his impressive popularity in Japan (I can tell some of his project like NazoDi Movie, Kamisama no Karte, and many more!).                                                                 

Lee Seung Gi-ssi, mmm... ok... he made an Hot and Not so Shocking Issue in the first day of this year for dating GG's member, Im Yoon Ah. What make me shock is he get blessing from all of his fans and yoona fans and that's good! He also appear in a new ongoing drama You are All Surrounded with Cha Seung Won (I like him in The greatest love!).

Last and again but not least, BSB is back yo! OMG they are already too old to be a boyband, but that statement not fully right, In fact, They are still hot as ever even hotter than they are in 90's era. At least, Nick is more handsome and mature than before. Brian look the same (Amazing!) but his voice not as strong as before (still good!), Aj, I almost not recognized him because of his long beard, and I read a comment at y* that state he looks like O*ama bin L*dd*n lol!, but he still has his good voice and that's good. Kevin is back again to BSB and I am happy for them come back with complete member :). Howie is.... the same (I really can't tell what's the different between him in 90's or in nowdays even his voice still the same!!!). They are now family man, even Nick who have vowed to never getting married is married his long time girlfriend (Happy for them!). I was sad with the news about some of them had drugs problem, luckily they can release themselves from that matter and lead their life back on a good track. They get the Hall of Fame Hollywood in 2013. They are Best Selling Boyband of All Time. They release a new album In a World Like This. Their music still good, catchy, and easy listening. Hope all the best for them!

Here we are in the conclusion of my post. So, I have been through events and moments (good and bad) in my life until now. This dynamic lifestyle makes me realize that my life is wonderful and colorful. Full of picture, full of dramas, and full of musics. Hope your life are enjoyable too! Bye!
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