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Sabtu Bersama Bapak

I went to cinema on monday, this week (july 11th) with my sister in law. We decided to watch an Indonesian Movie titled "Sabtu Bersama Bapak" (Saturday with my Father). The cinemas that time was full of people (some of employees still have some holidays like me and students also still in their holiday until the end of this week). Here, I want to write a review about Sabtu Bersama Bapak.

After I watched this movie, I can describe this movie in one word 'Complete'. Why do I say that? Because this is really is a movie with complete content. Drama, Romance, Comedy, Slice of Life, Tragedy, Family, all those genre can be found in that movie. You have to prepare some tissues before you decided to watched that, but after shed some tears in a scene, suddenly you will laugh out loud for the next scene. You can learn and get some value of life in this movie. You can find you, maybe in that movie.

Sabtu Bersama Bapak is a story about two brothers who lose a father figure because their father passed away. Some time before the father (Mr. Gunawan) passed away, he already knew that he got cancer. So, he prepared everything for his family and all of his thought and philosophy for his wife and his sons in a video that he gave to his wife (Mrs Itje) and told his wife "give this video to our sons (Saka and Satya) on saturday because monday to friday they have to study well. I left everything I know and everything that I want to say to you all in this video, so that our sons will not lose their father figure and you don't have to raise them alone. Believe me, I don't want to dissapeared and I won't have to, and I also don't give the death chance to do that to me". Not long after he finished the recording, he passed away.

Story continue and the two brothers life are the main focus in the story. Satya, the older brother grow almost in perfectly way, handsome, clever, and have a good job in oil company. All women can fall for him at the first sight. He met a woman named Rissa and fell in love with her, not long after they are in a relationship, Satya proposed to her and they moved to Paris because Satya have to worked there. Now, Satya and Rissa have two sons and they still live in Paris.

On the other way, the younger brother, Cakra or Saka whom he always be called, grow well enough, but less perfect than his brother. He is not that handsome but not also ugly. He is clever enough but not that brilliant like his brother. He also has a good career but not that rich like his brother. He is now, a thirty year old man who already has everything, career, house, and car, just one he doesn't has a partner. He never be in relationship before and he is not that populer for woman and also always nervous in front of woman.

They grow up well as a men because of their great mother (who now running a catering and a restaurant with the money she got from her deceased husband who have prepared everthing) and the knowledge that they got from their father every saturday. They really admire their father until now. Their father's message on the video give a huge impact for their life and ideology, especially for Satya who really idolize his Perfect Father.

But because of that, Satya grow up to be such a perfectionist and ambisious man who plan almost every aspect in his life and he has to reach all of them on time. Who will know, because that character of him, he brings some of serious problem in his family life.

Cakra grow up to be more flexible than his brother. He also has target and plan but not that stirct with that plan. But because of that, his mom (Mrs Itje) get worry because until now he still doesn't has girlfrind and she fright that she will not accomplish her promise to her deceased father to accompany their sons when they are married, because one day, she also got notice from hospital that told her there is tumour in her breast.

And then the conflict begin....

I really recommend this movie for you! 4,5/5 stars!

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