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Middle Twenties

Hi There!

Now, I'm in the middle of twenties. There are many people who begin to ask me when I will get married?
Oh come on~ Not everybody want to be married at the young age!
Put the blame on Kartini! she was our Hero for woman emancipation in my country.
She made women realized that education for woman was also important and made we realized that we women are not that weak!
I can do my job as good as men do. I can adapt well too.

There are some reasons that make me still single. first, I am a Moeslem woman that not believe in relationship between man and woman beside families and marriage couple. Second, to be honest, I have in a relationship state with a man (my friend) but that not went well. We blame each other for our unmatched personality. He said I was too serious and didn't have time for caring him. OMG who is he? my father? my brother? we didn't even married yet. I also blame him for his careless personality, his unseriousness that made me in the state of uncertainty. I am not that old, but I am also not a teeenager anymore who cares about having a boyfriend. If he serious enough with me, than propose me! Most men afraid of commitment and I am aware of that.. They will make excuses that they are not steady enough to take another person in their life. Do they know that todays women are not that weak to make a living for themself, don't they? Don't they think that they only have to work for their families, but women have to do all the job at home, get pregnant, and do a labor, and also have to be troubled raising the children? Sometime women also have to work to help the husbands! OMG todays men are so weak! Third, I enjoy my work now, you can call me workaholic, but In my mind, I still put my family at my most priorty.

Oh come on~ we have our own life right? So just do what we have to do, don't meddle in other people life, because those are not your business. Even my mother don't do that to me. I believe every person have their fate partner. Humans just need to do the best for their life, always pray to God, and when the right time comes, we will meet our fate partner who will be in our life for our lifetime.

That's enough for now, Bye!
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