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Hi There!
Now, I want to talking (actually writing) about Buildings. Well, I am now an engineer who work for Building Consultant Company. Every aspect about building are so interesting for me. Starting from low rise building (one or two storey), this kind of building usually use for residential building. Well, Architects now are so creative. If you browse about house, home, mansion, condo, or apartment, you will find so many kind of residential design concept that make you think " Ah I want to own this kind of house in the future" or "Wow, this is a good idea to renovate my house". Because of that, Interior Designers also do not want to lose. They keep creating new futuristic and wonderful furnitures that can make your home prettier, cozy, and the most important thing, HOMEY.

Then, medium rise building (up to ten storey), This kind of building usually used for residential ( Condominium or apartment), boutique office, Mall, etc. In my country, this kind of building can be seen every where. The design also vary. But, you can notice one thing, this kind of building use so many glass as it's window and there is few natural ventilation. They exchange natural ventilation to mechanic ventilation one like Air conditioner (AC) or exhaust fan (My job is designing a building that uses or needs mechanic ventilation). There are many kind of Air condtioner nowdays such as AC Split System, Multisplit System, VRF System, and Central System (Chiller system mostly). The system consist of Indoor Unit and Outdoor unit. Indoor unit now is part of interior design in a building, so, there are so many design of this, like wall mounted, ceiling cassete, or ceiling conceiled. All of this can make the interior of the building cool and cooler at the same time. So interesting, isn't it?

Last, High rise building (up to skyscraper). There still few of this kind of building in my country. Only in big city you can find this kind of building like Jakarta, Medan, or Surabaya (Mostly Jakarta). This kind of buiding usually used for office or apartment. These kind of building are challanging for Civil Engineer to create a Structure that strong, but easy to be build. All of this building use mechanic ventilation and air conditioning system. Almost all of them really depend on Glass as the main design for outer look. This kind of building also create polutant emission that cause green house effect the most. So that, These kind of building usually need to fulfill green building criteria.

that's enough for now!

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