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My Current Situation in My New Office

Hi there! It's me again ^^

Recently, I have been busy doing my work. I have so many projects to do. Now, I am an engineer, true engineer (I think ^^). I really enjoying my current job. Calculating and Designing a HVAC System in a building, almost near my wish ( I wish I could be an Acoustic Engineer before). Well, I meet so many people with many kind of personality. In my division, I am the only female (actually, tehere are only 6 female in my office, and I am the only female engineer, the other are drafter and general affair officer). I sitting at the corner of the room. I request that, so that I can fully concentrate to do my job. In front of me, there is an Senior Designer, let's say Mr B, and on the right side, there is my senior (an engineer), call him Mr F. They are always talking about "M" thing because both of them already married. They are funny and easy going, but sometimes, they do something that I don't really like, something like badmouthing other people, especially Our Big Boss the Owner of my Comany (Let's call him Mr S) and people in other division.

On the other side, I choose to be a neutral person. I don't believe in their story easily, although some of their story is true. I don't know why, but sometimes I feel other people looks at me in different way. Sometimes, I feel like I am highly respected by them, even though they don't need to do that. I think that is because I am close to big boss and vice big boss. I feel like they treat me like I am their daughter. I very grateful of that. Thank to them, I feel a little bit saver working here, in a full of man office.

Yesterday, I got a new task. I have to accompany my big boss to meeting with project owner. On that event, I feel like I am treated by him like his daughter. He was doing all his job by himself, even the simplest thing.

That is a short story of my current life.
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