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New Job, New Life Begin, and Another Problem...

I already resigned from my late job. Why? Because I began to fear that the knowledges that I got from my college will fanished. That's why I began to search for new job some time around last May. Honestly, I really like teaching. That's my passion, or maybe my true passion? but, i just felt unmatched with my ex employer's visions and missions, especially their management. I did hope they would changed their manner to their employee, respect them and gave the reward on time to them. But, up until I leaved them, They didn't change at all. I feel really dissapointed to them.

In my last day, around the end of July, I had a conversation with the chief. We talked about my plan in the future, we thanked to each other for everything that we had been through in the company. We also talked about my fee for that month. We agreed that I would got my paid next month, but not full. So I leaved happily, said goodbye to my precious friends there, and deep inside my heart also felt sad because there were many memories and experiences that I got there.

In August, I started to work in my new company, a building consultant company as junior engineer. I like my new place almost about everything, except that place full of men who are smoking. I hate ciggarate so much. I started to love my new job and began to move on, until... my paid day from my ex company didn't come. Why??? Why are they do that to me? So I sent a protest email to my ex chief. He accepted wisely and gave a form that I had to filled. I sent him back the form, and positively thinking that my paid would come next moth. But, up until now, I didn't get my paid. I told about it to my mother and she said, "Go ask them! don't just stay still like that!" So I asked them again... I also asked the manager directly. The manager give her apologize to me. I also say thanks for his respond. Good respond came from them so I can managed my anger and felt more calm in mind. But, Bad respond come from my ex chief... the cause of this problem happened because he forgot to forward my email last month. I feel reaaaaaalllllyyyyy dissapointed. Instead of apoligize to, he say that I am the one who can be trusted because I resign before I year of my extended contract. That's so harsh, That word break my heart "Can be trusted" is the word that I hate so much. Because of that, I lose respect to him and that company....

That's my newest story.
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