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I am Back to FANDOM World

Hi There! it is me... again :)
It's been a loooooooong time since my last post in this journal.
Here I am again want to share about a story of my life. There are many event and moment of my life that i've been through until now.
First, my cousin (she has appeared in my previous post) have gone and never come back again to my house (oh thanks god!). Second, I have graduated nicely! So, I am now a fresh graduate! Applause for me, please #clapclap :)). Third, My second brother finally married his 'not so long time' girlfriend! I am happy for them :). Fourth, I have been accepted as a teacher in one of cram school in my country. Teacher is my desire's occupation since I am in middle school. Although I graduated as an engineer, i don't want to work in a huge International Industrial Company because I am a woman, I don't like the idea of women work in a place that full of men and work like a men. Fifth, my niece can speak now! i love my niece so much, he is so adorable >.<. Last but not least, I am back to fandom material!

Somehow, I have long for my past hobby, fangirling. So recently, I started to search and browse about my Idols like, Arashi (especially Ninomiya-san), Lee Seung Gi-ssi, and Backstreet Boys (I was shocked that they are 'alive' again in a positive way of course).

Arashi has many projects that I have missed and many upcoming projects too. Recently, they released new single titled GUTS!. Ninomiya come back to J-Dorama and I am so excited to watch him in that drama as a teacher and a couch of newbie/weak baseball team from prestigious high school which aiming to Koshien (title : Yowakutemo Katemasu). MatsuJ and his new movie Hidamari no Kanojo which Ueno Juri-san co-starred with him (Honestly, their chemistry in that movie is good, but that's all, nothing special, but the plot of the story is great! worth watching!). Ohno-san and his new character as a newbie shinigami in Shinigami-kun. Aiba-san who I found not so long time ago in NHK World become a newscaster for culinary program. And Sho-san with his impressive popularity in Japan (I can tell some of his project like NazoDi Movie, Kamisama no Karte, and many more!).
http://xiahpop.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/Arashi-GUTS-XIAHPOP.jpg                                                                           http://asianwiki.com/images/4/44/Yowakutemo_Katemasu-p1.jpg

Lee Seung Gi-ssi, mmm... ok... he made an Hot and Not so Shocking Issue in the first day of this year for dating GG's member, Im Yoon Ah. What make me shock is he get blessing from all of his fans and yoona fans and that's good! He also appear in a new ongoing drama You are All Surrounded with Cha Seung Won (I like him in The greatest love!).

Last and again but not least, BSB is back yo! OMG they are already too old to be a boyband, but that statement not fully right, In fact, They are still hot as ever even hotter than they are in 90's era. At least, Nick is more handsome and mature than before. Brian look the same (Amazing!) but his voice not as strong as before (still good!), Aj, I almost not recognized him because of his long beard, and I read a comment at y*utu.be that state he looks like O*ama bin L*dd*n lol!, but he still has his good voice and that's good. Kevin is back again to BSB and I am happy for them come back with complete member :). Howie is.... the same (I really can't tell what's the different between him in 90's or in nowdays even his voice still the same!!!). They are now family man, even Nick who have vowed to never getting married is married his long time girlfriend (Happy for them!). I was sad with the news about some of them had drugs problem, luckily they can release themselves from that matter and lead their life back on a good track. They get the Hall of Fame Hollywood in 2013. They are Best Selling Boyband of All Time. They release a new album In a World Like This. Their music still good, catchy, and easy listening. Hope all the best for them!

Here we are in the conclusion of my post. So, I have been through events and moments (good and bad) in my life until now. This dynamic lifestyle makes me realize that my life is wonderful and colorful. Full of picture, full of dramas, and full of musics. Hope your life are enjoyable too! Bye!
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